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No more programmers!

Your website hosting includes use of our ezNetPublish content editor which allows you to easily make website edits using a simple process and without needing to be a programmer.

This guide will show you how you can make changes to your website copy, change or add photos and add links on your pages.

Log Into Your Website

  • Begin by visiting your website.
  • To login to your web site as an administrator you need to type in:
    • Enter the User Name and Password you were provided at training.
      Note: Always keep this stored in a secure but easy to access place.
  • You will notice the look of the pages is the same but now has additional links. Navigate to the page where you want to make a change and click on “Edit Text”.
  • Login with your admin username and password. You will now be in the Admin area of your site.

Make changes to your website

To make changes to copy, click on “Edit Text” for the section you want to edit.

This should take you to “Text Editor” and you will notice on the next screen an interface similar to Microsoft Word.

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