Educate your Patients right from your website!

According to Harris Polls, an incredible 110 Million Americans search for health information online. Most of what they find is either not accurate, difficult to understand or linked to advertising.

Now you can take control of what your patients learn! iHealthSpot allows your practice to provide patients with medically reliable, easy to understand information that is developed and edited by doctors. Most importantly, patients can obtain this information from the source they trust most, YOU.

As part of your website, iHealthSpot includes a library of award winning patient education related to your specialty. This content is embedded directly into your website and takes on its look and feel. In many cases, the content includes professionally developed illustrations, so patients can visualize what they are reading about.

The iHealthSpot Patient Education Library currently includes 1500 conditions and treatments covering 40 medical specialties, as well as for dentistry, physical therapy and chiropractics. We have also introduced highly Interactive videos with 3D animations for orthopedics, physical therapy and pain management. These videos utilize the most accurate and detailed model of the human anatomy available today! Patients can interact with the content through a clickable body and view this content right on your website!

In addition to the library, iHealthSpot also includes "From the Dr's desk" articles on your website. These are news-breaking articles on topics related to your specialty that are automatically fed to your website.

This national award winning patient education content is affordable to license and is included in your monthly hosting and maintenance plan for your website! For as little as $99 per month, iHealthSpot provides you full featured hosting and content licensing. If you already have a website, iHealthSpot can license you the library starting at just $99 per month!

To learn more about how to build your website with patient education or how to license it for an existing website call us today at (877) 709-0999.

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