As part of our Pro Plus and Pro Plus Extra hosting, iHealthSpot includes a library of award-winning, peer developed patient education related to your specialty. This content is embedded directly into your website and takes on its look and feel. In many cases, the content includes professionally developed illustrations, so patients can visualize as well as read about their condition.

The iHealthSpot Patient Education Library currently includes 1500 conditions and treatments covering 40 medical specialties, as well as for dentistry, physical therapy, and chiropractics. To see the full list of specialties and conditions visit click here. We have also introduced highly interactive videos with 3D animations for orthopedics, physical therapy and pain management. These videos utilize the most accurate and detailed model of the human anatomy available today! Patients can interact with the content through a clickable body and view this content right on your website!

In addition to the library, iHealthSpot also includes "From the Dr's desk" articles on your website. These are news-breaking articles on topics related to your specialty that are automatically fed to your website.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our medical content.


What is the process for creating new content?

New topics and specialties are constantly being added. Our doctors stay in the forefront of their specialties and are constantly recommending new topics to be added to the library. Their suggestions are submitted to our CMO for approval. Once approved, they are sent to our medical writers who research the topic thoroughly, then write the article.


Who reviews the content?

After the article is written, the specialist for that medical discipline reviews and edits the article. Once approved by the physician, it is edited for grammar, punctuation and spelling and then loaded into our database at which time it is "live" on all web sites in that specialty.


Can I add new topics for my website?

Yes! If you would like us to add a particular topic, you can make the request through Customer Service who will then route the request to our editorial staff. All Dr's Desk article requests must have approval from our CMO to add the topic. The article process follows the same path as all others and the content is made "live" on all sites in that specialty.


Can I remove an article from my website?

Yes. At any time, you can have an article removed from your site if the topic covers a procedure or treatment for which you do not provide treatment. Please contact iHealthSpot Customer Service for more information.


What If I have more than one specialty?

Typically, the license allows for a library by specialty. However, if you have cross-over into other specialties, we can include more than one library for an additional fee. Contact customer service for details if you require additional libraries.


How is the video content developed?

The video content follows a similar process to the written Patient Education Library content. Topics are approved and then using the written articles, a script is created for the video. The specialist reviews, edits and approves the script. Uupon approval, the voice over is recorded. At the same time, the physician works with our multimedia specialists and animators to determine what will be shown technically for a given condition and procedure. Our multimedia team then creates the content with the voice over and sends to our physician to review. Changes are made until it is perfect. Any written content and lifestyle video is also vetted and reviewed and once the physician approves the final verision, it is loaded to the database.


What specialties do you have video for and what else is being developed?

We currently have about 65 videos in Orthopedics, Physical Therapy and Pain Management. We are finishing Pain Management and will move on to Cosmetic Surgery and Dentistry later this year.

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