Whenever a patient fills out and submits an interactive form through your website, a notification will go out to the email address you designate. Once you receive a notification, there are two ways to access the form entry:

  • Login to our secure database to access that entry directly through the email notification.
  • Access the interactive form entries directly by logging into the database.


Accessing forms through email notification

Image: Sample Notification
An email notification will be sent telling you the type of form that has been submitted. For example “A New Appointment Request has been created.”

Within the email you will see a link titled “Open/Edit Entry.”

Click on this link to go to “log in” screen.


Login Screen

Image: Login Screen
Once you clicked on the “Open/Edit Entry” it will take you to the login screen to iHealthSpot’s secure database (FormDesk). Type in the user name and password you were given at the time of your training. Then click on Login. The form will format and display on your screen.


Entry Screen

Image: Example Entry Screen
  • Print the entry by clicking the Print button at the top.
  • Save the entry to a PDF by clicking on the PDF button on the bottom.
  • Update the entry by clicking the Edit button.
  • You can delete an entry AFTER you have printed or saved the entry by clicking on the Delete button
Note: Please make sure the entry is no longer needed before you delete. It cannot be recovered.
  • Once you are done with an entry you can Close and log off.
  • Or to view other entries you can click on "To Forms Summary."


Forms Summary

Image: Form Summary
Selecting "To Forms Summary" should take you to your Form Summary page where it will show all the interactive forms that you have in your website.

  1. Here you can see the name of the forms
  2. How many entries you have on each form
  3. Date and time of the Latest response on each form

To see all entries on a specific form, click on the Pencil icon and select" View Results." This will list the entries of that form.

To view a specific entry, click on the Pencil icon and click on "Open Entry."
Note: Here you have the option to Delete or Edity Entry

Once you open an entry, you can Print, Edit, Delete or save the entry as PDF.


Direct Login

You can also directly login to the database by going to https://www.formdesk.com/AO. Once you are logged in, it will take you to your Form Summary Page (see above).

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