Effective 4/15/10 we will begin to automatically delete all emails from our servers which are older than 6 months. We will do this purge on a nightly basis.


Does this affect you?

IF YOU ARE USING OUTLOOK or another email client to download your messages to your computer periodically, this change WILL NOT AFFECT YOU. We cannot delete messages that you already have downloaded to your computer! This change only affects messages stored on our servers.

If you are one of our clients with Google Standard for email, this policy change does not affect you! If you use http://mail.Your-Domain.com to access your email, then you are a Google Standard client.

However, if you use iHealthSpot WEBMAIL ( http://mail.ihealthspot.com, etc) as your primary email client or if you are using IMAP, this change might affect you and you MUST TAKE ACTION to avoid potential loss of data.


What can you do if you are in an affected group?

If you are in an affected group, please review your emails on our server as soon as possible (http://mail.YourDomain.com, http://mail.ihealthspot.com, etc) and decide if there are any messages older than 6 months that you want to retain. If there are, please configure Outlook (or any other email client of your choice) and proceed to download all your emails to your local computer.

If you are not sure how to configure Outlook or another email client, please contact your local IT support for guidance. If you do not have local IT support, you may contact the iHealthSpot support team.

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