Will my existing website go down during a domain transfer?

No. iHealthSpot will coordinate with your current hosting provider and domain registrar to prevent any downtime of your website and services. If you cancel your services with an old provider before the domain transfer is complete, your website may go down.


How long do domain transfers take?

Domain transfers can take up to 3-5 business days. We will monitor this multiple step process for you.


Do I have to transfer my domain to you?

If you have an approved registrar that supports our managed domain nameservers, you do not have to transfer your domain to iHealthSpot. You would be responsible for managing your domain including annual renewals and privacy registration.

Our list of approved registrars:

  • Network Solutions
  • SRSplus


What information do I need in order to have iHealthSpot transfer my domain?

In order to facilitate a smooth transfer, we require some information including your current registrar and login information (username, password, call-in PIN, secret question and answer and any other security information required by your current registrar.)


Will email be affected during a domain transfer?

No. Email will not be affected during a domain transfer. If you cancel services with an old provider during the domain transfer process, your email may be affected. You should make arrangements to have a new email setup prior to transferring your domain. See our email migration guide

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