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Whenever a patient fills out and submits an interactive form through your website, a notification will go out to the email address you designate.

Once you receive a notification there are two ways to access the form entry by login to our secure database through the email notification or logging into the database through web. Click here to get the complete user guide (link Formdesk user guide)

How do I clean up my results?

First download all entries from Formdesk. Second, delete all entries from Formdesk. This is how to download a Formdesk Form results.

  1. Locate the form in the Formdesk system;
  2. Left-Click once in the edit icon to the left of your form;
  3. Select the Option DOWNLOAD RESULTS;
  4. Select the format you wish to have your results stored (Excel is a good option)
  5. Click Next
  6. Download file should start automatically. If not use “Click here” on the POPUP

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