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How to configure my outlook email client

When your website went live, you should have received an "outlook email guide", which shows you how to configure Outlook for your specific accounts.

If you are having issues or if you did not receive this guide, please contact us @ Telephone inquiries: 877-709-0999 or 954-978-2184.

What if I want to use different email clients (like Outlook Express, MAC-mail)?

You can configure most of the popular email clients for your email.

Basically, all you need to know:
  • Your email address and the password for your account
  • Your “Incoming mail server” and “Outgoing mail server” names, which is for both. Also note that for "outgoing" mail, you will need to change the port number to '32025' and turn on "my server requires authentication to send email".

Here is an external FAQ link Net FAQs - Windows Email Clients which provides you how to setup different email client.

If you are having issues please contact us at . Telephone inquiries: 877-709-0999 or 954-978-2184.

Can I use Web Mail?

Yes, our email service supports Web access of your email. Please visit You will need to know your email address (which will be your username) and your email password.

Web Mail requires NO software on the computer and cam be accessed from any of the modern browsers including FireFox, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers.

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