ezNetPublish User Guide


No more programmers!

Your website hosting includes use of our ezNetPublish content editor which allows you to easily make website edits using a simple process and without needing to be a programmer.

This guide will show you how you can make changes to your website copy, change or add photos and add links on your pages.


Log Into Your Website


Make changes to your website

Image: Sample Text Editor
To make changes to copy, click on “Edit Text” for the section you want to edit.

This should take you to “Text Editor” and you will notice on the next screen an interface similar to Microsoft Word.

In this editor you can:


Update and Format Copy

To format or change text: Edit

Create a Hyperlink to a website

Image: Create Hyper Link

Insert/Edit Images

Image: Edit Image

Image: Image Properties


Logging off from Admin tool

Simply type the following in your address bar:

Note: Make sure you have updated your changes!

Any Questions?
Please contact our Support department via email support@ihealthspot.com or call our toll free number 1-877-709-0999