Please note, this document is only applicable to our Google Apps email clients.


Introduction to Google Apps for Email

As part of every iHealthSpot website setup, we configure Google Apps Standard for email. Google Apps is a free suite of applications from the internet leader, Google. You may already be familiar with gmail, but Google Apps Standard is a step up from the free gmail in that it can provide you email accounts using the same domain as your website while still providing the same exceptional email experience provided by gmail!

In addition, Google Apps provides a lot more services than just email. While this guide only focuses on using email, we do encourage you to review the additional services, namely, contact management, shared files within your organization and more.

To learn more about Google Apps, please visit:

Please note: All the information here about Google Apps Standard is subject to change as per Google's own terms of service. Your iHealthSpot customer support representative will update you on the latest details about the Google service you'll receive once your website is ready for launch.


What’s included with my iHealthSpot Website Hosting

As part of the setup of iHealthSpot websites, we configure up to 10 email accounts in Google Apps Standard. The details of the accounts setup for each client are provided in a guide when service started. If you do not have your guide, please email us so we can send it to you again.

Google Apps Standard allows up to 10 email accounts which means that you may configure as many accounts as you like up to this limit once we deliver this guide to you.


How much email can I store on my accounts?

Each mailbox has a quota of 5 Gigabytes of storage which essentially means you can store all your emails for years and not use up all your space (depending on the size of each email, of course.) For this reason, we encourage the use of webmail which is something you can do with any modern web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.


How do I access my email?

Google Apps supports several ways of accessing email. Which one you choose depends on your needs, but the first option called Webmail is the most convenient for most users and also the easiest one for you to setup.

1. “Webmail” (recommended for most users) - You can access your email via the webmail email address using any modern web browser. Your web address is generally (where your-domain is the same domain we host for your website.)

2. “Desktop Client” including MS Outlook and also many mobile devices (recommended for advanced users only) - You can also access your email using any standard SMTP/IMAP/POP3 email client (like MS Outlook and others.) We recommend this option only for more advanced users that are comfortable with setting up an email client. For detailed instructions please visit:

For IMAP (the preferred method) Enable IMAP.

Don’t forget to follow the steps in “enable IMAP” on the above link!

For POP3 (as an alternate when IMAP is not desirable) Enable POP3. Don’t forget to follow the steps in “enable POP” on the above link!

If you have any problems with either of the two options above, please contact our support.


Does iHealthSpot setup my computers for email?

No. In order to provide a cost effective service, we do not support your email on your workstations nor do we configure it for you. This must be done by you or your IT provider of your choice. This is why we recommend the webmail option, since it requires no setup, just a simple web browser on any computer connected to the internet.


Where are my account details?

Your usernames and passwords were emailed to you when we first started providing your website hosting. If you do not have them, please email our support so we can send you these details.

Note: Whenever gmail prompts you for your username, you must enter only the first part of your username as it appears above. For example, for, the username is only "info". It is also very important you only try to login using the webmail address above. Attempting to login using will not work.


Do I just logon to



Can I add more accounts?

Absolutely! (up to the limit of Google Standard) Simply login to your webmail with the username and password of one of your “administrators”. Once logged in, click on the gear icon on the right to access OPTIONS dropdown menu. Click on “Manage this domain” to access the Google Apps Dashboard. Click on “ORGANIZATION & USERS” in the blue header area near the top of the screen.

Note: The user limits are subject to change as per Google's own policies. If your email service went live before 4-26-2011, your user limit is most likely 50 and you can create up to 50 accounts. For customers whose email went live after 4-26-2011, your limit is 10 accounts.


Can I remove accounts and change accounts?

Yes. Simply login to your webmail (using the address above) with the username and password of one of your “administrators”. Once logged in, click on the gear icon on the right to access OPTIONS dropdown menu. Click on “Manage this domain” to access the Google Apps Dashboard. Click on “ORGANIZATION & USERS” in the blue header area near the top of the screen. To remove/delete an email account, check the box next to the desired account, select DELETE. To change an account, click on the desired account name, make your changes and click on SAVE.


Where can I get more help with this?

Please email us at

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